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My Crumbling Wall

My Crumbling Wall

Feelings roll down like a rushing stream

Long trapped behind a crumbling wall

That held them there as in a dream

To hide where none could see at all

He didn’t know where they came from

He didn’t know he could speak out

He didn’t know that they were wrong

He didn’t know how loud to shout

Those hurtful words so long ago

Heard inside a mother’s womb

Unwelcome child we hate you so

Those words heard loud inside that tomb

Years roll by and decades pass

Those feelings buried deep

Inside a room with walls held fast

A secret from the world to keep

Abandoned, feeling dead inside

A child devoid of love

His sad eyes one day opened wide

To see his true soul shine above

That day he felt so not alone

His soul was breaking free

He knew the wall was coming down

Authentic man for all to see

He felt the ancient crumbling stone

Crash down to free his soul

To let the man inside come home

To heal his heart and make him whole


This is a poem from Paul Guerin’s new book, Poetry from My Heart. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

Conflicting Paths

Conflicting Paths

There are too many paths ahead

But can I choose only one

My feelings are confused by loyalty

I no longer know what is real

Something changed when I met you

But are those feelings real

If you are real what a gift that could be

I could keep you in my heart forever

I could love you forever

But I am too confused

Could we be together as loving souls

Are you really my soul mate

Why does reality block the way

Why can’t I find the right path

Which way shall I go


This is a poem from Paul Guerin’s new book, Poetry from My Heart, which is now available on Amazon, Indigo and Barnes and Noble.