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 Its raining out tonight
And the wind is blowing hard
With Winter now in sight
Losing sunshine will be hard

The trees are bucking crazily
As the tempest blows right through
The sky is dark, it’s hard to see
There’s nothing more to do

It’s the stormy Winter Season
Showing off its awesome might
Telling us that there’s good reason
We should shelter for the night

The dancing leaves are crazy
Doing cartwheels in the air
And the failing light is hazy
As logic drifts elsewhere

I love the seasons of the year
And the treasures that they bring
The dark storm clouds as they appear
In time to welcome Winter in

And I’m grateful for those sunny days
With their warm and gentle breeze
And the evening skies in bright arrays
With their soft and graceful ease

I am grateful for spring flowers
And those early growing days
For the autumn’s many colours
And the Winter’s stormy ways

It’s the spirit of the season
On this cold and rainy day
That reminds me of the reason
That my soul comes out to play

The Warning Bell

The Warning Bell

This is a poem about climate change

This is a poem I just wrote while observing how our climate is changing in some very disturbing ways. I am not political – this poem is just how I feel. Enjoy!

The Warning Bell

We live in days of hurricanes
Floods and freezing rain
Forest fires and arctic winds

We humans are to blame

We took advantage of the land
With little thought of payback
It’s only now we understand

That maybe there’s no way back

The air we breathe is turning sour
We’ve known that’s true for years
We thought a cure was in our power

And suppressed our growing fears

Mother Nature’s getting mad
The signs were always there
We all knew things were getting bad

But we chose to stand and stare

I wonder if we still have time
To fix our past mistakes
Perhaps we all think it’s still fine

Just getting by with what it takes

When oxygen starts getting low
And clean water’s hard to find
There’ll be no magic place to go

We’ll sit and watch our lives unwind

Mother Nature’s warning bell
Is ringing, ringing in our ears

Wake up, she says, for I’m not well
Just look outside and feel my fears

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Your soul awoke and the road looked rough

You weren’t sure where to roam

You knew your journey would be tough

A hard-fought struggle to make it home

It was hard to know which way to go

Which path was short or long

But along the way you came to know

Which choices would be right or wrong

Many came with troubled minds

With broken hearts to mend

And many journeyed on to find

The hopes on which they could depend

Like drowning souls who couldn’t see

All washed up on the shore

Good souls who wanted to be free

Believing that there must be more

They walked along the rocky land

They journeyed to the end

And on that road they made their stand

And felt their souls begin to mend

They journeyed on, and on along

That long and winding road

They found the faith to keep them strong

To help them bear their heavy load

Those stony walls in proud array

Brought memories back to me

For I once travelled that same way

And found the truth that set me free


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My Crumbling Wall

My Crumbling Wall

Feelings roll down like a rushing stream

Long trapped behind a crumbling wall

That held them there as in a dream

To hide where none could see at all

He didn’t know where they came from

He didn’t know he could speak out

He didn’t know that they were wrong

He didn’t know how loud to shout

Those hurtful words so long ago

Heard inside a mother’s womb

Unwelcome child we hate you so

Those words heard loud inside that tomb

Years roll by and decades pass

Those feelings buried deep

Inside a room with walls held fast

A secret from the world to keep

Abandoned, feeling dead inside

A child devoid of love

His sad eyes one day opened wide

To see his true soul shine above

That day he felt so not alone

His soul was breaking free

He knew the wall was coming down

Authentic man for all to see

He felt the ancient crumbling stone

Crash down to free his soul

To let the man inside come home

To heal his heart and make him whole


This is a poem from Paul Guerin’s new book, Poetry from My Heart. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

Conflicting Paths

Conflicting Paths

There are too many paths ahead

But can I choose only one

My feelings are confused by loyalty

I no longer know what is real

Something changed when I met you

But are those feelings real

If you are real what a gift that could be

I could keep you in my heart forever

I could love you forever

But I am too confused

Could we be together as loving souls

Are you really my soul mate

Why does reality block the way

Why can’t I find the right path

Which way shall I go


This is a poem from Paul Guerin’s new book, Poetry from My Heart, which is now available on Amazon, Indigo and Barnes and Noble.