Its raining out tonight
And the wind is blowing hard
With Winter now in sight
Losing sunshine will be hard

The trees are bucking crazily
As the tempest blows right through
The sky is dark, it’s hard to see
There’s nothing more to do

It’s the stormy Winter Season
Showing off its awesome might
Telling us that there’s good reason
We should shelter for the night

The dancing leaves are crazy
Doing cartwheels in the air
And the failing light is hazy
As logic drifts elsewhere

I love the seasons of the year
And the treasures that they bring
The dark storm clouds as they appear
In time to welcome Winter in

And I’m grateful for those sunny days
With their warm and gentle breeze
And the evening skies in bright arrays
With their soft and graceful ease

I am grateful for spring flowers
And those early growing days
For the autumn’s many colours
And the Winter’s stormy ways

It’s the spirit of the season
On this cold and rainy day
That reminds me of the reason
That my soul comes out to play


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