Month: June 2023

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

I met her in my fifteenth year
And threw caution out the door
I had no doubts, I had no fear
I hoped there would be love and more

Her hair was blond, her eyes were blue
Her smile was sunny bright
I hoped that she would love me too
I felt unsure but thought she might

I spent my summer days with her
Playing on the ocean shore
And there I felt my feelings stir
My heart and soul expecting more

I was enchanted by romance
There was nothing I couldn’t do
Lost in youthful first love dance
I thought my feelings must be true

Those summer days came to an end
And we went our separate ways
But my longing for her never ceased
Her memory burned through all my days

And then one day along my way
With another boy she came
There was nothing much that I could say
So I wished her well and hid my shame

It was my first romantic show
Puppy-love filled up my heart
I had to love and let her go
It was my role, I played my part

Back then I thought she broke my heart
But those feelings weren’t real
It was just a youthful small-bit part
That taught me love and how to feel