Can we return to love

Can we return to love

I felt your love again today

My lovely long-lost friend

I wonder if it’s here to stay

I hope this love will never end

It was not many years ago

When our love was in the kiss

And we held it fast and let it grow

Hoping for eternal bliss

As the years passed by we fell apart

No-one really was to blame

It just went bad and broke our hearts

We dropped into a world of shame

Damaged souls racked in pain

Fighting trauma deep within

We tried so hard, then tried again

But one dark day we just gave in

Our time apart has helped us grow

Some kindness reappeared

Though we’ve yet to say I love you so

Not all is lost as we had feared

I wonder now if this is real

Are new feelings just a dream

Is this the old love that I feel

Returning like a rushing stream

I dream of us in love once more

Of the magic we knew back then

Holding hands along some shore

Starting out in life again

I hope I’ll feel your love again

Bringing sunshine to my soul

No more doubts and no more pain

Our long-lost love will make us whole

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