The Warning Bell

The Warning Bell

This is a poem about climate change

This is a poem I just wrote while observing how our climate is changing in some very disturbing ways. I am not political – this poem is just how I feel. Enjoy!

The Warning Bell

We live in days of hurricanes
Floods and freezing rain
Forest fires and arctic winds

We humans are to blame

We took advantage of the land
With little thought of payback
It’s only now we understand

That maybe there’s no way back

The air we breathe is turning sour
We’ve known that’s true for years
We thought a cure was in our power

And suppressed our growing fears

Mother Nature’s getting mad
The signs were always there
We all knew things were getting bad

But we chose to stand and stare

I wonder if we still have time
To fix our past mistakes
Perhaps we all think it’s still fine

Just getting by with what it takes

When oxygen starts getting low
And clean water’s hard to find
There’ll be no magic place to go

We’ll sit and watch our lives unwind

Mother Nature’s warning bell
Is ringing, ringing in our ears

Wake up, she says, for I’m not well
Just look outside and feel my fears


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