The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Your soul awoke and the road looked rough

You weren’t sure where to roam

You knew your journey would be tough

A hard-fought struggle to make it home

It was hard to know which way to go

Which path was short or long

But along the way you came to know

Which choices would be right or wrong

Many came with troubled minds

With broken hearts to mend

And many journeyed on to find

The hopes on which they could depend

Like drowning souls who couldn’t see

All washed up on the shore

Good souls who wanted to be free

Believing that there must be more

They walked along the rocky land

They journeyed to the end

And on that road they made their stand

And felt their souls begin to mend

They journeyed on, and on along

That long and winding road

They found the faith to keep them strong

To help them bear their heavy load

Those stony walls in proud array

Brought memories back to me

For I once travelled that same way

And found the truth that set me free


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